Everything, All at Once

by These Bashful Claws

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Dan Szetela
Dan Szetela thumbnail
Dan Szetela Huge respect to ppl who write and record every instrument on a record, especially when it's as good as this. A surprise favorite of 2016.
Nick Green
Nick Green thumbnail
Nick Green When the lyrics end oh my! Early death cab for cutie springs to mind Favorite track: October.
Amos thumbnail
Amos subtle arranging, understated songwriting. a true jewel. Favorite track: Eyes.
Devin Williams
Devin Williams thumbnail
Devin Williams Good for getting in touch with the feels Favorite track: Easter.
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released April 6, 2016

Written and Performed by Charlie O’Neil between December 2014 and January 2016

Engineered by Charlie O’Neil
Mixed by Corey Coffman
Mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion Studios in Portland, Oregon

Additional Voices: Erin Westover & Jordan Coleson

Artwork: “The Depths of Uncertainty“ by Kayla Moore, edited by Charlie O'Neil


all rights reserved



These Bashful Claws Fort Collins, Colorado

Music by Charlie O'Neil

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Track Name: Easter
Keeping it safe before this begins,
Want me to stay,
Heavier sins.

You need me.
You stole the skip in my step.

I think I know when you smile at me,
And I can't feel my toes, even if I'm empty.

Grey love, stay here.
Track Name: October
I remember when we met, the things you once had said to me when our skin was cooled and how we felt at ease.
I remember singing songs on tire swings that now resemble nothing, as fires burn down trees.
If only I had known the eulogy you'd spawn, I could have kept our ship at bay, ignored all of your flaws.
But two and three became of us as I was a young man,
I wish I could have cared for you the way you cared for them.
Track Name: Felt
You moved first this year, and I'm still living here.
Four letter words spill out, when you're back and you don't know how.

You came when leaving was punishment, this is the closest we'll get.
But you changed when everyone else stayed the same.

Things will be alright, I tell you every night.
I should open my eyes when you doubt me,
You're probably right.

Tell me you can't feel this monster under our house,
Sleeping softly until I open my mouth.

I've been reading your face for lines I could follow,
Remembering times that you fell on my spine,
We were borrowed.
Track Name: Grow
When you talk you don't breath,
You hardly say anything.
You little bird, with bloody wings,
Singing nothing.

If I stop cursing would it make me a better father?
Because I'm not opposed to leaving, if it helps me sleep.

Our breath is frozen before it's born.
Anything you could say, wouldn't make me love you.

Your eyes are rolling backwards inside of my head.
Bleeding thoughts of you, dreaming none of this is real.
Track Name: Paper
She falls and floats through the ceiling, I can hardly breath.
Hunched on the paper screen, I'm falling in love.

I couldn't have guessed much better, your red dress is slipping off.
I've never been wrong before our clothes carpet the floor.

Upside down, everything feels just fine.
You're jumping between my enemies, you're massively in my life.
The fear of exposure is keeping me colder, your arms are bleeding,
And I'm repeating,
The steps we took were all the same.
Your body's leaving.
Track Name: Eyes
Four eyes stare at the sun, hands tied, until we go blind.
In the heat of the moment you're gone,
I think I'm back where I don't belong.

And you'll crawl back into me when my spine is twisting.
I can't talk and you can't breath for good.

Four eyes stare just because we act like we're having fun.
We pretend that we're twenty years younger,
I wish that I was good like you.

I saw smoke around the front yard of our house, you were right,
I don't know what's on my mind but I feel fine.
Track Name: Spider
She seemed inviting from behind, but I quickly noticed spider eyes and fangs and teeth, and nothing nice that I wanted to see.
But anyway, as I grew closer I felt us growing apart in a million ways,

Like trees with no limbs, that are thrown in fires or buried beneath our feet.
Who knew that I could think of such things,
Or fabricate the people in my dreams,
And swap their faces between them to fix their problems,
Or force mine on them.

You said, let's just wait until the summer ends,
By then I will probably get over this.
Track Name: Keeping
With lights up, eyes shut, I'm dead again,
But I can feel piercing.
When I'm full of doctor's promises, there's no rush to let them in.

I'm sorry for keeping you awake and leaving you today.

The halls are black and narrow.
Like your bones, they're hollow.
There's no rush when you breath.
Please don't leave me.
Track Name: December
I never meant to shake the part of you that always breaks.
I'm helping you down the stairs, not trying to say that I think that you're scared.
But when you fall at the bottom and you scream about the devil in your sheets,
It's impossible to calm you down.
I'm keeping us here until you settle down.

You're fine with me.
We fall asleep and meet in dreams.
You probably don't know me,
I'll just let you be.

I am alone in my room, completely aware that I won't see you soon.
Your face still haunts me at night, digging my skull with your fingers as knives.
Track Name: Unfold
Keep it safe in hiding until they know our apathy.
Frozen toes feed me dramamine.
I will melt when you touch me.

You stole the skip in my step.
We feel nothing at all.

When I'm cold, you're freezing,
I unfold and stop breathing.
When you stand still and frozen I sink into the ground.
What did you really expect from me?
You are beautiful and clean, but you burn everything and you smile when you get to me.

For the first time I feel a little older.
Am I acting the same as ever around you?
Behind your back I think I act the same.
But this ring still bites, and my friends all fight, and this will never change.

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